Superfast internet browsing, reliable Wireless connection and secure IT systems ensures the Owner & Guests pleasure whether working or playing.

  • Network Design & Configuration
  • Link together existing On-board Systems for Enhanced Functionality
  • Data Recovery
  • Remote IT Support
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Application Blocking
  • Data Backup


One Marine implements tools to optimize your data center and network operations. Data traffic can be monitored to ensure that all systems have enough bandwidth and VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) are mapped out to manage load balancing.


We install High-performance switches in various locations and connect them to central servers by a high-speed backbone using either copper cabling or fiber optic depending on network requirements.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Our professional team will install Wireless Access Points (WAPs) in all necessary locations to provide wireless connections for entertainment systems, laptops, touch panels, tablets, telephone and any kind of device that needs connectivity.


Our high-performance servers, provide e-mail management, file storage, network administration and security on a single, dependable platform. Individual needs are evaluated so that laptops, workstations, printers and other peripherals are integrated as necessary.