One Marine ensures that the owner enjoys fast secure access to news, information and internet by designs, installs and supports state-of-the –art entertainment and internet systems for the Superyacht Industry.
  • Distributed UHD/4K
  • Distributed Music Streaming
  • Customized Cinema Systems
  • Managed AirPlay Solutions
  • Hosted Streamed Satellite TV


One Marine provides clear phone calls and fast internet access to ensure everyone onboard will be always a keystroke away from business, friends and family.

  • VSAT Ka & Ku Band Satelite Antennas/Services from leading Airtime providers Fleet Broadband, Inmarsat, Iridium, MTN
  • VOIP Make & Receive Secure Telephone Calls over the Internet wherever you are
  • GSM Modems & Repeater Systems
  • Bonded 4G/3G/GDSM Data Services
  • Crew Radio Communications


One Marine has a vast experience in designing, delivering and integrating sophisticated control systems on Superyachts, making it intuitive, user friendly and reliable to make life easier for everyone onboard.

  • Integrate the On-board Networks with Marina Networks for In-Port usage
  • Intuitive User Interface Design
  • Custom Equipment Engineering
  • Specialized Team of Installers

Remote Support Hardware


One Marine understands we live in a world of real-time monitoring, where we connect via the Internet to all kinds of things around us; in addition, as we fit more expensive electronics on our boats, they become increasingly enticing to thieves. We provide state-of-the-art Surveillance & Alarm Systems from aboard or shore, for business or for pleasure…Life is a Matter of Freedom that needs your Full Control, so please live in ours hands your Security and enjoy complete Peace of Mind.

  • HD-CCTV & Control Stations w/Analytics
  • Intruder Detection
  • Custom Interfaces Access control
  • Thermal Night Vision Cameras